Pleased as punch at the arrival of this special issue of Political Theology on ‘Migration, Political Power and the Book of Jeremiah’, arising from the Centre for Bible, Ethics and Theology conference by the same name. Kudos to Steed DavidsonCasey Strine, Anna Rowlands and Susanna Snyder for their amazing work!


Migration, Political Power and the Book of Jeremiah
C. L. Crouch
The Imperial End: How Empire Overtakes Refugees in Jeremiah 
Steed Vernyl Davidson
Embracing Asylum Seekers and Refugees:
Jeremiah 29 as Foundation for a Christian Theology of Migration and Integration
C. A. Strine
The Art of Wounded Hope: Forced Migration, Prophecy and Aesth/Ethics
Susanna Snyder
Temporality, Dispossession and the Search for the Good:
Interpreting the Book of Jeremiah with the Jesuit Refugee Service
Anna Rowlands